The wedding guest dress guide: Dress to impress subtly

Wedding season is coming up .. and with it the question: what the heck am I going to wear to all these weddings? Not only the bride finds herself under stress about which dress/shoes/purse/jewellery to wear, it is her (female) friends too. Finding the right outfit for a weddings is tricky: you want to look amazing but not outshine the bride, you want to be elegant but at the same time you want to be able to go wild on the dance floor later in the night; last but not least, you may have several weddings coming up, and you cannot or do not want to afford getting a complete new outfit for each event.

Here are my 4 recommended steps to finding your wedding party outfit:

  • Setting of the wedding festivitiy: First, find out what the location “theme” is (e.g. is it a rural wedding in the mountains/at a lake /seaside or a more elegant setting or crowd).
  • What’s in your wardrobe already? A wedding is not a gala event necessarily, so you might have an elegant work dress that might do the job as well, styled up with fancy high heels, a piece of extravagant jewellery or an eye-catching clutch or jacket. By saving on a new dress, you may be able to spend money on a nice hair-do, which can do the trick as well. If you do want to/need to buy a new dress/heels/clutch, think about whether you can wear it on other occasions too so it is not a one-time investment.
  • Don’t change your style for a wedding. For brides-to-be as well as for guests I believe one rule should be followed: Don’t try to pursue a new style that is not really true to yourself. It will be so much harder to compile a stunning look if you are doing it for the first time, and it is likely that you will not really feel comfortable in your new look. So when searching for a new dress, think about: what are your general style preferences (e.g. do you love patterns, a very feminine romantic style or do you prefer simplistic, clean cuts?). Can you imagine wearing the dress at another occasion as well?
  • Dealbreakers. Don’t break the golden rules of no white and no black dress for a wedding. Try to stay away from creamy tones as well. If you are unsure between two dresses: focus on your strong points (great cleavage? amazing legs? great tan?) and not your weaknesses. Looking attractive is great but make sure the look is tasteful, so you want to avoid showing too much skin. The better you know your advantages, the easier it is to find a dress that will make you shine!

If you are eager for some inspirations, check out Ted Baker‘s amazing wedding collections (also interesting for the bride-to-be), Nordstrom has great options, and on too, you can find a vast choice of dresses for all kinds of body types. Not only the bride should look and feel amazing at her wedding, you should do as well!