Style updates Fall-Winter 2017-18

This is the fourth time I am trying to condense the upcoming season’s women’s wear trends. And it is interesting to see that most trends don’t last one season only. When browsing the high street shops, style magazines and my favorite brands’ newsletters, I came to realize that many of the trending items I identified last year were still pretty omnipresent this year.  Small spoiler: I love so many pieces this season, I really am excited and cannot wait to wear them! Find out more here.


Style Updates: Spring/Summer 2017

So it has been a while since I have posted something here – LITERALLY 5 MONTHS! – but will not make excuses. The important thing is that now I am back from my blogging-Winterschlaf, and why not kick the new year off with my style tips for spring/summer 2017 – read more here!

Style updates: Fall/Winter 2016-17

It has been a bit of a frosty slap in the face. Yes. Winter has arrived, and quite abruptly indeed. One weekend you spent at a lakeside wedding in your summer dress, two weeks later you wonder where on earth did you put your gloves. Hence this style update comes with a bit of delay but let’s face it, summer is not going to be back for another 6 months so there is no rush anyway.

So what are the key pieces to get this fall/winter? I have made up my mind for you. Find out more here.

Revisiting childhood memories: Barbie exhibition in Paris

20160605_120906_HDR_resizedEarlier this month I visited Paris, and on the occasion, I could not resist going to the Musée des Arts décoratifs (conveniently located just a few steps from the Louvre) to see the Barbie exhibition. I loved it! It’s not too big, so it won’t take too much time to visit, but it will take you on a fabulous drive on memory lane finding one or the other Barbie that used to be a daily companion back in the days and also making you realise that today, you live the life that you once imagined. Further to that, it is great to learn about Ruth Handler, the woman behind Barbie and how its success story started in 1959, and how the look of Barbie has been changing in recent years, responding more consciously to its influence on young girls with regard to their looks and bodies. If you can’t make it to Paris until September, you can also find out more on who did a photo blog on the exhibition. Here are a few impressions:

This is not the only exhibition currently on display. We went for the combination ticket which also included entry to the “Fashion Forward – 3 siècles de mode” show: unfortunately, this was not really worth the money. It turned out to be a rather lacklustre display of a number of pieces in one large room, but then this was already it. Hence, you better spend this money on an overpriced coffee on Champs Élysée.


The wedding guest dress guide: Dress to impress subtly

Wedding season is coming up .. and with it the question: what the heck am I going to wear to all these weddings? Not only the bride finds herself under stress about which dress/shoes/purse/jewellery to wear, it is her (female) friends too. Finding the right outfit for a weddings is tricky: you want to look amazing but not outshine the bride, you want to be elegant but at the same time you want to be able to go wild on the dance floor later in the night; last but not least, you may have several weddings coming up, and you cannot or do not want to afford getting a complete new outfit for each event.

If you are looking for some help, read more about my recommendations on how to pick your prefect wedding party outfit here.

Weekend tip: Paris, Three centuries of fashion exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs

If you are in Paris this weekend (or any weekend until August 14), and you are a fashion-lover, a visit of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (107, rue de Rivoli) should be a must on your agenda. The museum is celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of its fashion collection and is finally showing an all-embracing panorama of fashion history from 1715 to 2016.  The ‟Fashion Forward, 3 Centuries of Fashion (1715-2016)” exhibition displays 300 items of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing from its collection, including ready-to-wear designs as well as houte couture (Chanel, Dior, YSL) allowing the visitor to take a journey through time and key fashion moments. Tickets are from 11 Euros and can be bought online (in French only).

While you are there, you may also be tempted to visit the Barbie exhibition too, which is also currently on display (until 18 September 2016). It is a unique opportunity to dive into the Barbie universe with 700 Barbie dolls on display but also works by contemporary artists, documents that contextualize the Barbie world. Both are definitely on my Paris to do list!

Introducing … the Style updates

IMG_20140729_191420I want to introduce a new section to my blog: the style updates. There will be inspirations for your spring/summer and fall/winter look and additional season specials such as for the summer vacation. I am trying to keep it really neat and will focus on a few key items only as not everyone intends to exchange their entire wardrobe every season but still wants to look stylish. So, go and check out the first style update for the 2016 spring/summer season here.