Comfort food expedition: Mac and Cheese Muffins

image1 (2)The other week an instagram food pic caught my attention: Mac and cheese muffins it was. Superpopular in the US, Mac and cheese is not really so common in continental Europe, and to be honest I could not really be bothered so far. However, although not a foodie I noticed that there is a certain trend now towards preparing dishes in cups; and therefore why not also do it with mac’n’cheese? It seemed like a fun dish, so I went ahead and tried it the other day. Funny enough, after telling one of my friends living in Sydney about it, she mentioned that typically American comfort food such as mac’n’cheese was booming in Australia. I thought this was interesting since all you hear and read about these days seems to be vegan, organic and gluten-free food. Perhaps, since we are now generally eating so much healthier, we enjoy and crave some good old comfort food even more occasionally?

If you would like to try them too, I used the recipe on The recipe is for 12 cups (one average muffin tin). I used a medium size coffee cup to do the measurements and it was perfect. However, I suggest some changes: I found it hard to shred actual mozzarella, so either you buy shreeded one or you just use cheddar fo the mix and I suggest to add some salt and pepper to the mix. Also, forget about the breadcrumbs on top and use only cheese (parmigiano or mozzarella) instead. Enjoy!


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